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50-75%. You're in the "Warning Zone."
If you don't make changes, you're in danger.

Sis, it's clear all these stresses are really starting to weigh on you.


I know you give work your all, but crossing into the "Warning Zone" for burnout means it's time to pump the brakes. This level of strain isn't sustainable, mama.


The good news — we can turn this ship around! Let's take action now before small issues snowball.


Start saying "no" to non-essential tasks and block time for yourself every single day. Even 15 minutes makes a difference!


Next, get support saying no when your plate is full. And if you can't get that support? We may need to discuss other options, sis.


Most importantly, know that you have my unwavering support. I'm here for you.


Now take a deep breath and picture what nourishment and joy looks like for you right now. Together, we'll make it happen. I've got your back!

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