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Ardenia -Danger Zone.jpg

75% and above. You're in the "Danger Zone."
If you don't make changes SOON, things are going to get worse.

Sis, it’s clear from your quiz results that you’re deep in the red “Danger Zone” when it comes to risk of burnout.


I know you give 100%, but running on empty like this just can’t go on. I need my girl to prioritize herself for a change!


This level of exhaustion isn’t just unsustainable— it’s unsafe, mama. So no more excuses, it's time for an intervention!


Most importantly, start putting yourself first again— every single day. Get back to the hobbies and self-care that light your spark.


Know that I admire your grit girl, but now it’s time to draw the line. I’m here for you no matter what!


Now take a deep breath and let’s work on my top secret revival plan. Love you tons!

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