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The Second Shift: Balancing Work-Life as a High-Level Mom

Work-life balance is a constant struggle for high-level moms who find themselves juggling the responsibilities of both home and their high-ranking positions. Despite managing staff, budgets, and projects at work, their duties at home remain unchanged, leading to what is often referred to as the "second shift." This phenomenon highlights the additional invisible labor that high-level women endure within their households. This is why the goal should be Work-Life Flexibility not Work-Life balance which is a myth! There is no such thing as a 50/50 split in Work-Life.

Even if these high-level moms are married to another high-level executive, the bulk of domestic responsibilities still fall on their shoulders. This dichotomy presents unique challenges and impacts their personal lives. Surprisingly, high-earning, high net-worth men tend to stay married and coupled at higher rates than their female counterparts, which reveals a sociological aspect to the demands placed on high-level moms in the corporate space.

For high-level moms navigating this unequal balance, two essential tips can make a significant difference:

**1. Household Delegation**

At work, high-level moms are accustomed to delegating tasks to their teams. However, this skill is often underutilized when it comes to household responsibilities. To manage the work-life juggle effectively, it is essential to create a team and a support system at home. Delegating everyday household chores such as house cleaning, meal prep, childcare, or hiring additional help like a nanny or au pair can significantly ease the burden and free up more time for both work and family.

**2. Fair Play Practice**

Eve Rodsky's book, "Fair Play," addresses the issue of work-life balance and equity within the home. By working through the "Fair Play Deck" with your partner, you can identify responsibilities and find ways to distribute them more fairly. This practice offers a framework for open and level-headed conversations about the household workload. By equitably dividing tasks, both partners can better manage the demands of their careers and personal lives.

The challenges faced by high-level moms are complex and require thoughtful solutions to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Recognizing the "second shift" and taking proactive steps to address it can lead to increased happiness and fulfillment both at home and in high-ranking positions. By embracing delegation and utilizing tools like the "Fair Play" method, high-level moms can create a supportive environment that allows them to excel in their careers while enjoying meaningful time with their families. Finding harmony between professional success and family life is an ongoing journey, but with the right strategies, it becomes a manageable and rewarding one.

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