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Empowering High-Level Moms: Redefining Workplace Flexibility

In recent times, the conversation surrounding the return to the office has gained momentum, with businesses eager to understand what it will take to bring their high-level employees back. However, there's a specific group within this demographic that requires special attention – high-level moms. It's crucial to recognize that offering free pizza won't cut it when it comes to enticing them back into the office.

The Shift in Priorities

High-level moms are seeking much more than a slice of pepperoni pizza to convince them to return to the office. They are looking for something far more valuable – a work environment that respects their need for work-life balance and flexibility.

Understanding the Needs of High-Level Moms

So, what exactly are high-level moms searching for in their professional lives? Ardenia Gould emphasizes three key aspects:

1. Workplace Flexibility: High-level moms are not just looking to work from home; they want flexibility in their work hours, work location, and work structure. This means accommodating schedules that may include 3 days on, 2 days off, or perhaps a four-day workweek. It means allowing them to split their workday to pick up their children and then seamlessly resume their tasks.

2. Maternity and Paternity Leave: It's not only maternity leave that matters to these moms; they also value paternity leave. Equality in parental leave policies is crucial to ensure that the responsibility of childcare is evenly distributed within households, reducing the burden on high-level moms.

3. Redefining Work Environments: High-level moms are not confined to the traditional 9-to-5 work model. They may need to work during non-traditional hours or from various locations to meet their responsibilities effectively.

Creating a Supportive Work Environment

Companies that aim to retain high-level moms must understand that conventional perks like free lunches and pizzas, while appreciated, are insufficient. To truly support these working parents, a more intentional approach is needed:

1. Tailored Flexibility: Offering a range of flexible work options beyond remote work, such as alternative schedules, compressed workweeks, or flexible hours, can significantly contribute to employee retention.

2. Supportive Leave Policies: Providing comprehensive parental leave policies that include maternity and paternity leave can alleviate the stress on high-level moms and promote a healthy work-life balance.

3. Technology and Infrastructure: Invest in the technology and infrastructure required to facilitate remote work and ensure that employees can seamlessly transition between office and home.


In conclusion, the needs of high-level moms have evolved, and companies that wish to retain and empower this valuable segment of their workforce must adapt accordingly. The days of relying solely on traditional office perks are behind us. To retain high-level moms, businesses must embrace a culture of flexibility and support, ensuring that they can balance their professional aspirations with their roles as dedicated parents. In doing so, they will not only retain top talent but also foster an inclusive and diverse work environment that benefits all employees.

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