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Calling All SuperMoms Who Are Dreading the Holiday Season!

Prioritizing yourself isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. 

Join Me for SuperMom Sunday

Sunday, Nov. 5th

What Is SuperMom Sunday?

SuperMom Sunday is a Monthly Virtual Live Event That Tackles the Daily Challenges of High-Level Moms: At Work, At Home, and Beyond. It is a Safe Space for Real Talk About the Issues of Modern Motherhood. At SuperMom Sunday, We Empower Moms to Take Off Their Capes and Fill Their Cups!

Who Is This For?

This FREE Event is For High-Level SuperMoms: Corporate Baddies, Momprenuers, Influencers, and All the Mamas at the Top of Their Game -- Trying to Handle Business Without Burning Out This Holiday Season.

When Is It?

Save Your Seat for SuperMom Sunday:

An Exclusive Monthly Virtual Event

📅 Date: Sunday, November 5th, 2023

🕛 Time: 12 pm EST

What Do I Get?
  • 60-Minutes of Uninterrupted Time to Focus on You 🍸

  • Discover the 4 B’s of a Stress-Free Holiday

  • Strategies You Can Implement TOMORROW to Better Manage Family, Boundaries, Bills, and More!

  • Practical Ways to Lighten Your Load and Delegate Your Million Holiday To-Do's

  • Carving Out Much-Needed Me-Time So You Can Actually Enjoy This Holiday Season

Why Do I Need This?
  • Because Being a High-Level SuperMom Can Be Lonely

  • Because High-Level Moms Have a Special Set of Challenges That Are Unique and Complex

  • Because Modern Motherhood Is Hard AF! 

  • Because it Takes a Village -- and Sometimes You Have to Build It

Meet Ardenia

Affectionately known as "The Lead Mom", Ardenia retired her cape many years ago and has been enjoying the holidays ever since. 

After years of doing all the things for all the people during the holiday season, she developed and tested strategies, hacks, and systems that other high-level moms can use to reclaim their holiday.

Ardenia worked as a corporate baddie for many years and now is a multi-passionate momprenuer. She lives in Georgia with her husband, daughter and fur-baby, Harriet Tubman.


While Clair Huxtable Played TV's SuperMom, Real-Life Requires a Different Script. Making Yourself a Priority is the Real SuperMom Secret. Dive Deep with Us Into Genuine Motherhood Challenges, Leaving the On-Screen Ideals Behind.

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